Recent selected papers

Structural basis for the versatile interactions of SMAD7 with regulator WW domains in TGF-β Pathways.

Aragón E, Goerner N, Xi Q, Gomes T, Gao S, Massagué J, Macias MJ. (both corresponding authors)

Structure 2012 Oct 10;20(10):1726-36.

Fine-tuning the π-π Aromatic Interactions in Peptides: New Somatostatin Analogs Containing Mesityl Alanine

Martín-Gago P, Gomez-Caminals M, Ramón R, Verdaguer X, Martin-Malpartida P, Aragón E, Fernández-Carneado J, Ponsati B, López-Ruiz P, Cortes M A, Colas B, Macias MJ and Riera A. (both corresponding authors)

Angewadte Chemie International Edition Engl. 2012 Feb 20;51(8):1977.

A SMAD action-turnover switch operated by WW domain readers of a phosphoserine code

Aragón E., Goerner, N., Zaromytidou, A.I., Xi, Q., Escobedo A., Massagué, J. and Macias, M.J. (both corresponding authors)

Genes and Development 2011 Jun 15;25(12):1275-88.

Nuclear CDKs drive Smad transcriptional activation and turnover in BMP and TGF-β pathways

Alarcón C., Zaromytidou A I. Xi Q., Gao S., Yu J.,Fujisawa S., Barlas A. Miller A. N., Manova-Todorova K., Macias M J., Sapkota G. Pan D. and Massagué J.

Cell 2009 Nov 13; 139(4):757-69.

Ubiquitin ligase Nedd4L targets activated Smad2/3 to limit TGF-beta signaling.

Gao S, Alarcón C, Sapkota G, Rahman S, Chen PY, Goerner N, Macias MJ, Erdjument-Bromage H, Tempst P, Massagué J.

Mol Cell. 2009 Nov 13;36(3):457-68. PMID: 19917253

Solution structure of the yeast URN1 splicing factor FF domain: comparative analysis of charge distributions in FF domain structures-FFs and SURPs, two domains with a similar fold.

Bonet R, Ramirez-Espain X, Macias MJ.

Proteins. 2008 Dec;73(4):1001-9. PMID: 18536009