Our research interests focus on deciphering and illustrating the mechanisms that correlate cell signaling with gene expression, how these processes are regulated and their implications in human diseases.

Our lab combines molecular biology with NMR, X-ray, SAXS techniques and bioinformatic tools to unveil how these complexes look like. We are incorporating the power of cryoEM into our structural biology portfolio, to study large and complex systems.

A large part of our work is devoted to clarifying TGFβ signaling and the role of SMAD transcription factors and bound cofactors. TGFβ signaling acts at the core of early embryogenesis and in development. Many tumors adopt the same native strategies to acquire malignant properties by increasing their invasive properties and to disseminate to distant organs (metastasis). Since 2008, we collaborate with the group of J. Massagué (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, NY, USA) in several aspects related to TGFβ signaling and SMAD function.

Together with the gynecologic and oncology medical doctors of the Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona (R. Rovira and coworkers) and with its research institute (V. Céspedes) we aim to identify diagnosis tools and to predict the probability of relapse and metastasis of Endometrial cancers.

Our collaborators