SGR – Grup de recerca consolidat

Since 2009, we are part of the SGR Group Síntesi i estructura de biomolècules (SINESBIO), together with Dr. Antoni Riera and Dr. Xavier Verdaguer. This group aims to a better understanding of peptides with biological activity through structural biology methods, and the design of bioprotacs as therapeutical agents.


We are part of BIONAPEP, the Peptides in Biomedicine and Nanoscience Network, established as a “Red de Investigación” of the Spanish AEI and coordinated by Dr. M. Eugenio Vázquez. BIONAPEP is composed of groups with expertise in Peptides, Biomedicine, and Materials science. BIONAPEP aims to apply our interdisciplinary expertise in state-of-the-art peptide engineering and characterization techniques to researchers working in biomedicine and materials science. Conversely, these applied fields will offer stimulating opportunities for the development of new methodologies and target-oriented application of the core know-how to solve cutting-edge technological problems which would be unreachable without that expertise. The BIONAPEP network aims to be a catalyst that brings together a variety of groups and creates the appropriate conditions to initiate multidisciplinary research. 

Peptide analogues with pharmacological activities

We have worked in the development of peptide analogues with pharmacological activities. Several years ago, Cortistatin (CST), a neuro-peptide hormone was found to play immunomodulatory roles and that its external administration protected mice models of Crohn disease from colitis development. Together with the groups of Dr. A. Riera (IRB Barcelona) and Dr. M. Delgado (Institute López Neyra, CSIC) and with the company BCN peptides, we studied several analogs of these hormones, designed to improve their stability and specificity . Our study opens up new possibilities for the treatment of patients that fail to respond to other therapies.


We belong to METABORED, the Spanish Network of Metabolomics, coordinated by Dr. Oscar Yanes, which brings together institutions, platforms and research groups recognized nationally and internationally with the aim of promoting the scientific growth of metabolomics within the Spanish System of Science, Technology and Innovation. Metabolomics deals with the quantitative analysis and functional description of all the metabolites of an organism, tissue, cell or biofluid. The identification of metabolites and their functional interpretation are efforts comparable to international genome sequencing consortia. The aim of METABORED is to contribute to the diffusion of metabolomics technologies, promote the adoption of good laboratory practices in sample analysis, and create synergies with other national and international infrastructures.

IRB Barcelona

We are located at the IRB Barcelona, an biomedical research centre that hosts 400 members and 30 nationalities. It is located in the Barcelona Science Park. IRB Barcelona forms part of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology (BIST) and the Institució CERCA. The IRB Barcelona mission is to carry out multidisciplinary research of excellence to offer pioneering solutions to unresolved medical needs in cancer and other diseases linked to ageing. Our research results reach patients through technology transfer, which is accomplished by establishing collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals.


Spanish Biophysical Society (SBE)

Sociedad Española de Bioquímica y Biología Molecular (SEBBM)

Grupo SEBBM ‘Mujer y Ciencia’


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Human Frontiers Science Program